A region that transforms societies and looks to the future from tradition. Scenery of majestic coffee-scented mountains, extraordinarily colorful villages, friendly locals, exotic birds, and flower-filled valleys. It is the land of the Coffee Cultural Landscape and modern Medellín: the city of Botero, the silletera culture, gastronomy and Colombian fashion.

This region that embraces the vibrant and modern city of Medellín is the home of majestic coffee-scented mountains, extraordinarily colorful towns, crystal-clear rivers, exotic birds and valleys full of flowers. With a delightfully mild spring climate and friendly locals, it is an ideal region to explore and never fails to amaze.

In these Mountains of Coffee and Flowers the word “town” takes on new meaning thanks to the Network of Heritage Villages, featuring wonderful places such as Santa Fe de Antioquia, Jericó, Jardín or Salamina. Throughout the region, the peasant or paisa culture and nature merge. It is the land of the Coffee Cultural Landscape, a World Heritage Site, with Salento, its farms and its Yipao, also from Guatapé, of the year-long snow of the Los Nevados PNN, of the Cocora Valley with its magnificent wax palms and of the La Miel River. .

But the Colombian Western Andes are also Medellín, a city where modernity, innovation and customs coexist in harmony, transforming societies and always looking to the future from tradition. It is the city of eternal spring, of Botero, of the metro cable, of the silletera culture, of Colombian gastronomy and fashion. Combining its unrivaled diversity and first-class infrastructure, the Colombian Western Andes are a favorite destination for nature lovers, foodies, sports fans, cyclists, and nightlife enthusiasts alike.

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