These mysterious moors, mountains and volcanoes are the cradle of the Colombian Andean culture and of the country's great rivers. The imprint of ancient civilizations is strongly felt in its archaeological parks and in its indigenous communities, which keep their ancestral knowledge alive. A destination that invites you to explore the experience of the eternal and that houses the White City of Popayán.

In this mysterious place the most important rivers of the country are born, where the paramos feed the Cauca, Magdalena and Amazon basins with life. And it is also the cradle of Colombia's Andean culture, its ancestral origins, where enigmatic stone monuments balance on lush slopes and where impressive mountain ranges protect drawn underground tombs. But these mountains not only harbor the secrets of lost civilizations in the San Agustín and Tierradentro Archaeological Parks, the Colombian Massif region continues to be, today, the heart of some of the country's most distinctive indigenous communities, such as those of Silvia and Sibundoy, who keep their ancestral knowledge and customs alive.

A destination to explore, blessed by a wonderfully varied geography, crowned by the ethereal misty landscapes of the páramo and the peaks of the PNN Puracé volcanoes. This magical region is home to the largest natural planetarium in Colombia, the Tatacoa Desert, the Cascada del Fin del Mundo, a majestic waterfall that hides in the middle of the Amazon Rainforest and the mythical Laguna de la Cocha. But the Colombian Massif is also home to one of the most important colonial cities in Colombia, "the White City" of Popayán, where Holy Week is celebrated, declared by UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity, and the impressive Las Lajas Sanctuary, built on the very edge of an abyss, in the Andes mountain range, almost three thousand meters above sea level.

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