The historic Andes, where colonization and the route to liberation began. Land of peaks, moors and valleys that are home to impressive Natural Parks. From the capital of Bogotá, with its skyscrapers, museums, gastronomy and its rich cultural offer; the region extends northward, transporting the visitor to marvelous colonial towns and a time of legends, such as that of El Dorado.

If there's a region that perfectly encapsulates Colombia's fascinating balance between tradition and modernity, it's the Colombian Eastern Andes. Stretching north from the immense, modern capital of Bogotá, with its skyscrapers, captivating museums, gastronomy and rich cultural offerings, the region quickly transports visitors to another world, to a time of legends, lost kingdoms and small colonial towns. Many of these towns, such as Villa de Leyva and Barichara, retain their old world charm without being affected by contemporary surroundings just a short drive away.
The Eastern Colombian Andes are the Andes where colonization began and the route to liberation, the scene where ancestral indigenous cultures crossed with the European and Creole, generating a powerful visual culture and promoting legends such as that of 'El Dorado'. A land of peaks, moors and valleys, the Eastern Andes are home to impressive Natural Parks such as the PNN El Cocuy, the largest glacial mass in Colombia with more than 25 ice-covered peaks and 150 lagoons, and the Chicamocha Canyon, which offers endless of options for adventure sports. For less experienced nature lovers, we suggest the Chicaque Natural Park just 30 minutes from Bogotá, or the PNN Chingaza, a natural treasure that holds the secrets and writings of the Muiscas and Guayupes, indigenous peoples who protected this magical territory. The centrality of the Colombian Eastern Andes allows viess of the mountain range from the plains or from the Magdalena Valley, a unique paradise for cyclists to enjoy.

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