Colombia's best kept secret is a megadiverse ecosystem where wild jungles collide with the ocean, humpback whales make epic journeys to give birth in its waters and sea turtles nest on its huge empty beaches. Of Afro-descendant and ancestral heritage, its cultural offer is world-class, thanks to Cali and its Salsa, its delicious cuisine and its vivacious festivals.

The Colombian Pacific is one of the best kept secrets of Colombia, a true natural paradise where ancient wild jungles collide harmoniously with the ocean, and where majestic waterfalls spill from imposing mountains and bathe its huge, empty beaches. It is such a pure place that humpback whales make epic journeys to give birth in its solitary waters, while sea turtles come to nest in its dark sands and hammerhead sharks stroll through the wonderful underwater landscapes of Malpelo Island, a World Heritage Site.

The Colombian Pacific, of Afro-descendant and ancestral heritage, is also one of the most biodiverse ecosystems in the world. Only in Chocó have 838 species of birds been reported which inhabit its wonderful Natural Parks, of which 10 are endemic, accounting for almost 50% of Colombia's total avifauna. The region pulses to the rhythm of the Afro-Colombian culture, a community that composes fascinating melodies and rhythms from its jungles to the sound of the marimba, which sounds like a lullaby and currulao, and whose rich culinary tradition is still influenced by the magnificent nature that surrounds it, creating the unique and delicious Pacific flavor. But the Colombian Pacific is also Cali, a tremendously vital city brimming with culture and gastronomy, with a captivating and electrifying atmosphere and a vibrant nightlife that moves to iconic rhythms of Afro or Latino influence. Known for decades as the world capital of Salsa, Cali is the spot for important cultural events such as the Cali Fair, the World Salsa Festival or the Petronio.

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